Senseis Brendan Browne, Neil O'Sullivan 




Sensei Browne has been practising Karate over 25 years and is the chief instructor of Castleknock Shotokan Karate Club.


Shodan - 1992 awarded by Sensei Andy Sherry

Nidan - 2011 awarded by Sensei Hiroshi




Sensei Neil O'Sullivan has represented Ireland in the JKA World Championships in Sydney in 2006, ESKA in Poland in 2005, London in 2008, Austria in 2009, Germany in 2010 and Poland in 2011. He has been National Champion twice and twice Shotokan Open Winner.


Shodan - 2000 awarded by Sensei Enoeda

Nidan - 2007 awarded by Sensei Tommy McGrane

Sandan - 2010 awarded by Sensei Paul Hickey